G-Zapper 3.1: Block the Google cookie to search anonymously.

G-Zapper 3.1

block the Google search cookie. Easily block Google cookies and clean cookies with this powerful Google cookie blocker. In addition to blocking and deleting the Google cookie, G-Zapper will also block Google Analytics from tracking the web sites you visit. What you search for should be yours and yours alone. By allowing you to automatically clean Google cookies, block Google cookies, and block Google Analytics, G-Zapper helps protect your search

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Cookie Editor 1.9.1: Control your privacy. See, edit, delete or block cookies set by the browser.

Cookie Editor 1.9.1

cookies. Cookie Editor allows you to maintain the level of your privacy by allowing you to see, edit, block or delete any unwanted cookies. It also allows viewing and deleting browsing history. It searches your computer for cookies then displays them in easy grid-like format. You can examine content of any cookie or delete it. Users of Mozilla, Netscape and IE 6.0 or newer can also block or allow cookies from specified domains. For advanced users

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OKcookie Cookie Complaince App 1.0: OKcookie is a smart plugin that allows websites to comply with the EU Cookie Law

OKcookie Cookie Complaince App 1.0

Cookie which acts as a Master Cookie to all of the functions requiring Cookie data. The OKcookie Master File does not track visitor data and is deleted at the end of the visitor`s session. When the visitor chooses to opt-in to your website`s Cookies through the OKcookie Tool Bar, then the OKcookie Master File is deleted and the original First Party Cookies are retrieved from our Cookie Jar and used as normal. It`s that simple. Third Party Cookies

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Delete Cookie 1.02: Delete unwanted Cookies on the fly!

Delete Cookie 1.02

Web sites send small text files to your computer to keep track of your information. They are particularly useful when you want a Web site to auto-sign you into a registration site. However some web sites also use cookies to track your interests for advertisement purpose. With Delete Cookie, you can select which cookies you want to erase and which one you want to keep. You can also find detailed information on cookies such as hit times, the date t

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Ad Annihilator 2.5: Intelligent banner, popup and cookie blocker with offline browsing capabilities

Ad Annihilator 2.5

Cookie blocker; - Powerful, flexible and yet easy-to-use Web content filtering mechanism for filtering out banners, popup windows and cookies; - Offline browsing capability; - Ability to keep multiple versions of Web documents in cache; - Ability to search for downloaded Web documents by title, address, size, date and even text content; - Easy and intuitive ways to block or unblock specific banners, popup windows and cookies; - Intelligent advertisement

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MAXA Cookie Manager 5.2: First Cookie Manager supporting browser independent and conventional cookies.

MAXA Cookie Manager 5.2

cookies like Flash and Silverlight cookies together with conventional cookies of all major browsers and recognizes web bugs among them. The white and black lists allow to automatically manage the cookies. Often you do not want any traffic to some sites placing cookies, mainly advertising sites. MAXA Cookie Manager provides you with the possibility to block any traffic to these sites. It is also possible to block particular cookies, or all cookies

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Website Blocker 1.0.12: Website Blocker application can used to blocks and restricts urls to browse.

Website Blocker 1.0.12

blocking. Url Blockers can do several urls restrict to open, just add domain and click to block url. Internet blocking application wonderful to make parental control to opens website, also help to blocks adult content by adding web domains in list as softwares support massblocking domain by just clicking block and unblock, uninstall software from itself by interface. Website blocker Features * Block websites acording to category. * Web Blocking Software

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Platinum Clear Cookies

Cookies is that you can designate a single domain or website to clear its cookies, which is very helpful if you want to delete cookies of only one website instead of all cookies. For example, you can type facebook and click the Delete Cookies button to wipe all cookies from www.facebook.com, login.facebook.com, and all sites that contain the word facebook. By easily and safely remove all unwanted cookies, Platinum Clear Cookies provides you platinum

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iMobileTool Incoming Calls Blocker 2.1: Easily block the unwanted incoming calls  whenever you wish to

iMobileTool Incoming Calls Blocker 2.1

iMobileTool Incoming Calls Blocker offers a powerful phone calls blocking solution to block incoming calls whenever and whereever you want. iMobileTool Incoming Calls Blocker can provide you:- Block incoming calls from any phone number.- Block incoming calls from a specific phone number.- Block incoming calls from the phone number that partially matches.- Set whitelist for your mobile phone .- Block all unknown calls. - Log details for review.

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CookieCooker 2.03: protects against Spam and snooping on your internet habits and interests.

CookieCooker 2.03

CookieCooker is a tool that enables you to protect your behavior and your interests from being spied on on the internet. Also Cookiecooker potects your email and postal mail account against spam by using trash mail serives and marking your postal adresses. By a report function user community create a database of address sellers. CookieCooker changes the cookies set by web servers on the own home computer to falsify the user profiles collected by

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